Revell 1987 Ah-64 Apache Attack Helicopter Parts Are 4575

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LENGTH: 18 3/4″

# PIECES: 155



This twin engine helicopter was designed as a premier attack weapons system for the U.S. Army. A versatile and highly adaptive gunship, it has been used to great effect in Desert Storm, where the Apache was credited with destroying more then 500 enemy tanks, hundreds of armored personnel carriers, Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Apache is heavily armed with up to 16 guided Hellfire Anti-Tank missiles; trucks and other vehicles. Most recently, the AH-64 has been used extensively in Afghanistan and 2.75″ rocket pods and a 30mm Chain gun mounted under the forward fuselage. Target Acquisition Designation Sight and Night Vision sensors are located in a turret on the nose of the helicopter.

  • Realistically detailed fuselage, rotors, engine pods, rough-field landing gear and cockpit interior with instrument panels.
  • Rotating 18″ main rotor and tail rotor.
  • Two Army crew figures. U.S. Army markings.
  • •Pivoting 20mm chain gun, 2.75 inch missiles. “Hellfire” air-to-surface missiles.
  • Wingtip-mounted “Sidewinder” missiles.
  • Molded in olive drab and clear.

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