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Tornado Assta 3.1Revell Model Kit

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Sku: AIR-10-001154

Tornado Assta 3.1 Revell Model Kit

The Tornado ASSTA 3.1 is the most modern tornado of the German Air Force. ASSTA stands for Avionics System Software Tornado in the programming language Ada. With this upgrade, the Tornado is able to use laser and GPS-directed precision munition GBU-54 LJDAM and select into the latest link 16 data network of NATO. All tornados of the Air Force are to be gradually converted to this standard.

A replica model of the Tornado ASSTA 3.1, one of the most important NATO combat aircraft.

Increased combat effectiveness of the Tornado has been achieved with a new weapon system computer, new data link connections, new rear cockpit screens, new sensors and a Reccelite pod.

– New cockpit display screens

– New instrument panel

– Reccelite pod

– New sensors on the tail unit

– Ejection seats

– Separate slats

– Separate wing flaps

– Detailed under-carriage

– Moveable swing wings

– Detailed jet exhaust cones

– Separate air-brake flaps

– 1 BOZ 101 Pod

– 2 Sidewinder guided missiles

– 1 ECM container

– 2auxilary fuel tanks

– Air refuelling probe Authentic representation of the following versions:

– Tornado 99+77, WTD 61, ASSTA 3.1 Demonstrator, Manching, July 2015

– Tornado 45+85, JaboG 33, ASSTA 3.1, Büchel, June 2014


Scope of delivery:

  • Plastic model kit (non-assembled)
  • Illustraded, multilingual assembly instructions
  • Decal set


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